Inoplas delivers cost effective injection moulding and overmoulding solutions for a multitude of industries.


Inoplas delivers ‘best-in-class’ moulding solutions for our OEM customers around the world.


Inoplas delivers best product development solutions for our customers.


Inoplas maintains a continuous investment programme aiming to make sure that we have up-to-date equipment, resources and skills to support our customers’ requirements.


Over 50 years’ experience in plastic injection moulding & overmoulding, Inoplas help customers get high quality mouldings & assemblies into their own processes.


Injection Moulding and Overmoulding Specialists

Many of our customers are OEMs with established products, markets and engineering teams; we love the moment when they come to realise, they have found a partner in Inoplas Technology who actually can help them turn their ideas into reality. We understand that our customers, old and new, need innovative, world class products that match their own high standards. We love hearing when our customers say…

“Working with Inoplas
was the best decision we ever made.”

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50 years of precision injection moulding and overmoulding in the UK

We are very proud of our 50 year history as a supplier of high quality injection moulded components, overmoulded components and cable assemblies. We always aim for the best possible outcome by working with your team from an early stage in the development of your injection moulded components. You are always welcome to discuss a project with us.

Please do take a look at our Case Studies or read more about our Capabilities to get a feel for how we can support you.

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Injection Moulding is at the heart of Inoplas skills with over 50 years of making precision injection moulded components, housings, enclosures & casings.

Overmoulding 003

Overmoulding is an injection moulding process that has drastically changed the aesthetics, design & functionality of many products.


Inoplas design and manufacture simple and complex cable assemblies and have the skills and capability to build, test and overmould most types of cable.

Insert Mould Sensor

Insert Moulding is a subset of injection moulding, inserts are placed into the moulding machine and plastic is injected around them.