Green Agenda

It’s not always easy being green in manufacturing businesses where the processes necessarily consume energy. Plastic injection moulding is no exception but we have a strong environmental policy and are always on the lookout for ways we can enhance our environmental footprint. We have thirty eight mature beech trees (yes we counted) and one mighty oak on our site which go a long way to offset our CO2 output.

We have invested in numerous energy saving processes in recent years including building insulation, latest generation overmoulding and process control equipment as well as new working practices. Our latest initiative in this area is to begin to replace all of our fluorescent tubes (nearly 400 but we got tired of all the counting) with super-efficient Tamlite LED bulbs. When the job is done we should show a big saving on electricity costs and take over 9 tonnes from our annual carbon output.

So whether you want overmoulded grommets, M12 connector assemblies or precision injection moulding there should still be happy pandas.

Green Agenda

October 1, 2015

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