Overmoulding: the benefits

A selection of paraphrased comments from happy customers.

Hi Bob, Just an update...

“We have examined and tested all [the new product] and we are happy with 100% of them!
It is good that you pointed out the very minor imperfections on the 5 you were unsure about as this shows your high level of quality of inspection and standards, we are happy for these to pass so do not need to address this issue.”

A massive thank you...

“To everyone for everything you’ve done to make this happen since. Speaking personally this is the pinnacle of my career, and I hope it’s the same for you. I’m so proud of what we’ve all achieved together… please take a moment to reflect on what you’ve done, and the fact that this is the world’s first [XXXX] and it is your hard work that made it happen.”


In July 2014 Inoplas developed the Moover cow slipper for a customer. The slipper is designed for dairy cows, who have a problem in one of their hoof “claws”. The slipper allows the infected “claw” to be raised off the ground and heal quickly. 

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Overmoulding is an injection moulding process that has drastically changed the aesthetics, design & functionality of many products. Please get in touch if you have an overmoulding project you would like to discuss.