2020 Vision – Inoplas Publishes New Mission, Vision & Values

Inoplas has recognised the importance of focusing our staff on a clear Mission statement for some time now but this year we have expanded this concept by asking our whole team to help us to formulate a description of our shared Vision & Values for the business. This gives every member of the team from the newest joiner to the most experienced of us access to the foundations of the organisation and to be able to use these values to make and understand decisions in all areas of the business from planning and investment to recruitment, quality and training. We have put a lot of time into finding the right answers and to be able to agree that this is how we work.

We are already seeing better communication and understanding within the business as a result of this and we hope that our partners; customers, suppliers and everyone else who we deal will recognise that we mean it.

Our Mission:

Inoplas strives to be the chosen partner for manufacturers who need the design and production of high quality plastic mouldings. We share values of innovation and integrity and we work honestly with partners and suppliers we know and trust. We aim to grow our business with the same passion and teamwork we use to craft every product we make.

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2020 Vision – Inoplas Publishes New Mission, Vision & Values

October 1, 2019

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