Overmoulding: the benefits

Overmoulding components with plastic improves product functionality, reliability, ergonomics, aesthetics and costs allowing for greater design flexibility.

Overmoulding components with plastic improves product functionality, reliability, ergonomics, aesthetics and costs.  

The overmoulding process allows for greater design flexibility by incorporating features such as mounting clips and reduces the need for additional components.

Sensitive electronic components such as PCBs can be overmoulded, offering impact protection and IP rated defence from the ingress of moisture and dust where the overmoulded structure provides protection against harsh environments.

The overmoulding of cables protects and secures all cables, connectors, pins & components, provides flexible strain relief and allows for multiple cable orientation, reduced labour costs and enhances the integrity and lifespan of the product.

Overmoulding of connectors and fasteners protects them against corrosion, reduces the impact of vibration and aids the assembly process.  With the wide range of colours available overmoulded connectors blend seamlessly with their application and make your product look even better.

Overmoulding is extensively used in many industrial sectors including Military, Automotive, Marine, Power Supplies, Industrial Control, Sensors and Audio and is suitable for products such as: Cable Assemblies, Electronic Components, Connectors and Pins, Fasteners.

Inoplas has taken a number of our customers through the design and specification process to produce very high quality overmouldings for numerous applications and we like nothing better than to see a customer’s eyes light up when we show them how they can reduce costs and improve function by harnessing our skills.

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In July 2014 Inoplas developed the Moover cow slipper for a customer. The slipper is designed for dairy cows, who have a problem in one of their hoof “claws”. The slipper allows the infected “claw” to be raised off the ground and heal quickly. 

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Overmoulding is an injection moulding process that has drastically changed the aesthetics, design & functionality of many products. Please get in touch if you have an overmoulding project you would like to discuss.