Security Seals

Inoplas specialise in Security Seals made in the UK and designed to provide a deterrent and indication of tampering and unauthorised entry.

Custom made and standard Security Seals, Tamper Evident Security Seals, Arrow Lock Seals, Padlock Seals – it’s a long list.

All of our seals are made in the UK and subject to our strict quality control.  We use UL Listed materials where required and many of our seals can be hot stamped or insert moulded with text, serial numbered or logos to personalise them for your needs.

Our range of Security Seals is designed to provide a deterrent and indication of tampering, pilferage and unauthorised entry.  Lightweight, tough and corrosion resistant. Security Seals provide an ideal solution to many problems of security.  Once locked in position, security seals cannot be removed except by destructive means and once broken cannot be reassembled or reused.  We can even use anti-microbial or bio-degradable plastics if you require.

Variable length seals are commonly called “pull tight seals” and can fit many applications from securing the neck of a bag or mail sack to sealing chemical drums, first aid kits and fire extinguishers. They have an adjustable length much like a cable tie but offer a much higher security level  when sequential numbering or a company logo are etched on to the seal.

Padlock seals are supplied as a completely plastic seal, shaped as a standard padlock.  They feature the same types of tamper-evident protection as variable length seals and are available serial numbered or with customer logo. The most common use for these seals is for airline duty-free trolleys and anywhere a standard padlock would need to be used but do not require keys to open, they simply break off at their built in break point using hands or a small pair of wire cutters. They are secure due to the audit trail available as a result of the sequential numbering.

In addition to the comprehensive range of security seals already available in a wide range of lengths and colours, if you don’t see what you want Inoplas can design and produce security seals in acetal, nylon or polypropylene to your exact requirements.

We hold stocks of most forms of seals and are happy to discuss your requirements Flag Security Seals, Paddle Security Seals and Padlock Seals are available as standard or in personalised form.

Inoplas specialise in security seals made in the UK and designed to provide a deterrent and indication of tampering and unauthorised entry. Please get in touch if you have a security seal project you would like to discuss.