The ‘new normal’

From the week commencing 11/5 we will be returning to a new sort of normal at Inoplas. To keep ahead of, and in line with government advice, and with a ‘safety first’ approach, recent events have lead to some important developments and ways of working at Inoplas.

We have successfully implemented home working arrangements for office based staff and for six weeks we split our factory personnel into two shifts, in this manner and through the dedication and hard work of our staff we have been able to maintain social distancing across the site and been able to maintain close to full capacity. It has been great to support our customers, many of whom are themselves critical to front line industries, by safely and reliably continuing operations.

In readiness for the production team’s return to the site we have implemented new floor markings, area specific advice, one way systems and protection screens and a host of other measures to keep the team safe. These and the availability of a wide range of PPE on site mean that we can now move back from our split shifts and, with the help of technology find a new, but now somewhat familiar, normal.

The ‘new normal’

June 1, 2020

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